Vanilla and Poppy Seed Sponge Cake



This is a classic Victoria Sponge recipe with a twist. Again, this is something I made out of seeing what I had left in the cupboards. I flavoured the cream inside with some tangerines that were in the fruit bowl. You can pretty much do whatever you want with this recipe. See what you can come up with!


200g Caster sugar

200g Softened butter

4 Eggs beaten

200g Self-raising flour

1 tsp Baking powder

2 tbsp Milk

1tsp Vanilla extract

A good sprinkling of poppy seeds

For the filling:

150ml Double Cream whipped up

The juice of one tangerine


Two 9in sandwich tins are the best thing to use. There’s no need to use spring form tins, just make sure you line and grease them properly so the come out.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius and grease the sandwich tins. Cut two discs of baking paper for the bottoms too, it makes it easier to lift them out.

Put all the cake ingredients into a mixer and mix until fully combined and smooth. Add the vanilla and poppy seeds and mix through. Add as much as or as little as you want to taste.

Divide between the mixture between the sandwich tins and bake on the same shelf for 20mins until brown and a knife comes out of it clean. Leave them to cool for a few minutes in the tins, then turn out onto a wire rack.

For the filling, whip up the cream and mix in the tangerine juice. Sandwich the two cakes together and put in the fridge. (the filling can be a slightly runny but it holds together after chilling. If it’s too runny add a little icing sugar).

Absolutely lovely with a cup of earl grey tea!





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