Exploring the ‘Others’

The reason I always wanted to call this blog ‘Food and Others’ was to cover my love of food, but also to cover anything else I may feel compelled to write about. I wanted wiggle room in case I stopped writing about food. Guess what? I stopped writing about food. You may have noticed I’ve not written about trying new recipes in a really long time. I logged into my account (amazed that I could remember the password because it’s been so long) and found you are still here, looking over the 30 or so recipes. Thanks for that.

I just stopped. I can’t explain why. As with most personal projects in my life, I’m excellent at making a good start, let it rumble on, But then eventually it to glides away or dies. Which is why I’m amazed this one survived so long. Well I’m not going to let it limp on anymore. I’m going to fill it with more me. It’s not going to be groundbreaking writing, I can tell you that much. I’ve been talking to fellow blogger Alice (who is exceptional at this). She says the writing is the important bit, write for yourself, then if people notice it’s a bonus. So if you do, let me know. To ease in I will write a post once a week. Something interesting is bound to happen to me at least once a week right?

I want to explore the ‘Others’. The wiggle room. Show you the other parts of my life and learn to be proud of them through this process.

So I’m sending this out into the vast internet void, to be the start of something (possibly) or to disappear into it.


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