Memory Loss

At work I hear dozens of stories every week. They range from the uplifting to the crushingly sad. To say that I have a roller-coaster ride of emotions everyday would be about right. Not the big loop-de-loop kind every day, more like the travelling circus kind that puts your heart in your mouth only once or twice is closer to the mark.

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that some stories really hit you and stay longer than others. They get the gears working.

I heard about a woman who has anterograde-amnesia last week. She hit her head and rattled her brain to the point where she forgets her day every time she falls asleep. She has a diary that she has to update, what the children are doing, why her knee hurts, what she’s spent money on…

I felt immensely sad. She thinks she’s hit her head every time she wakes up and goes to bed kissing her children, knowing she will see them a little bit older tomorrow and at first not understand why. She has to read about her life with an extra day each time, which she has to convince herself happened.

Her husband is a strong man. He stands by her, takes her hand, and guides her through her life.

I did consider the positives. Those little things that annoy you must melt away. You can choose to remember the good things and forget the bad. It can be whatever you write down or believe when you wake up. It reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Past. Short-lived, but fruitful. I suppose she is a living reminder that today can be different to tomorrow and will be yesterday soon enough. Reminds you to make good memories and not sweat the bad ones.


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